The Look For Less

I bought this entire outfit for the holiday weekend for UNDER $40.00!

The blazer is from Kohls – 18.99

Body Shaper Dress – Victoria’s Secret – 8.00 Consignment (Great for post-prego mama’s)

Earrings- 12.00 Macy’s

Candies Blazer - Kohls Body Shaper Dress - Victoria's Secret Earrings - Macy's

Candies Blazer – Kohls
Body Shaper Dress – Victoria’s Secret
Earrings – Macy’s




Kate Spade Diaper Bags


Well ladies, I am blessed! My beautiful friend Kristin bought this mama a Kate Spade diaper bag – what else would a fashionista carry? Not only does this bag look fabulous but it’s easy to carry and easy to clean! It also fits comfortably on the arm so you can carry your peanut on one hip and your bag on the other.

Kate Spade bags also come with a pad insert that you can lay your baby down on when using a changing station. (Restaurant bathrooms are scary – I couldn’t imagine not having this liner to lay Hunter down on while I change him)

Another fabulous perk – this bag could totally pass for a purse or a great beach bag, so once your babe grows out of diapers, mama can use it for herself.

A tip for mama’s on a budget – you can buy Kate Spade bags for a fraction of the price on ebay, Amazon or a local Kate Spade Outlet. They typically have BRAND new bags for more then 50% off retail. (it’s the only way this mama buys designer)

I attached a photo of my beautiful bag. I couldn’t be happier.

Hugs and Kisses to my friend Kristin for this beautiful gift! I love it.



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