“We Worry About Tommorrow, Like it is Promised.”

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Every day we live is a gift. Tomorrow is never promised. Each moment, precious time.

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There are things in life that are truly eye opening. Last night, I almost lost the man I love most in this world, in just a matter of seconds. We were out to dinner and Brian started choking. He was absolutely helpless. Although I tried to give him the heimlich, I was too small to get my arms completely around him.It was then a nurse, who was dining in the same restaurant, jumped to his feet and saved Brian’s life. There are angels who live above us and among us. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse,  on our way home, our car started to lose control on black ice. There was nothing we could do. It was then, another miracle occurred, we swerved all over the road, spun left and right, and ended up completely straight on the road and unharmed. There are angels, there are miracles and I am forever grateful. #godisgood #blessed


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